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City House real estate

City House is a Legally Registered Company for real-state Marketing for "Individuals – Companies" City House is a specialized company in Real-state Marketing Since 2005, as it provides all real-state marketing & services With the highest stander of services to its customers inside Arab Republic of Egypt whether they are individuals, Diplomatic Corps and international & local major companies. Our Mission: For Buildings Owners: To professionally provide the building Owners with the tenants or the Buyers according to their credibility And seriousness, the company is also looking forward to achieve A steady growth and delivering common opportunities through Mutual commitment in order to achieve and develop successful Investment. For Building Tenants & Buyers: To provide the building tenants And buyers with a variety of desirable & distinguished housing, Tourism, administrative, and commercial projects in a different Sizes and specifications. The company also supports its customers After sale service by assisting them to know the service areas They may need like building maintenance & finishing, and all they Need in their new location.

440 متر² | دور كامل إداري | للإيجار | اللاسلكي
600 متر² | دوبلكس | للإيجار | ميدان مصطفي كامل
230 متر² | شقق | للبيع | شارع 16
600 متر² | إداري | للإيجار | ميدان الكلية الأمريكية
200 متر² | شقق | للبيع | اللاسلكي
160 متر² | شقق مفروشة | للإيجار | شارع 86
250 متر² | مكاتب | للإيجار | ثكنات المعادي